The Poetry Society of New York

The Poetry Society of New York promotes poetry within the contemporary cultural landscape by creating engaging, one-of-a-kind experiences of poetry; by building meaningful partnerships in the worlds of art, literature, & business; and by fostering healthy, progressive poetry communities in cities across the globe.  

Role: international curator, production manager, virtual event technician, design and development consultant

Raven at the Poetry Brothel Bloomsday Event


IMPAKT is a media arts organization based in Utrecht that presents critical and creative views on contemporary media culture and arts in an interdisciplinary context. It aims to identify urgent issues in digital and transglobal culture by focusing on the relationship between society, media, technology and arts; examining issues around politics, science and popular culture from different angles.

Role: event and exhibition host, virtual event producer

The James Joyce Centre

Digital media and event production for The James Joyce Centre and Bloomsday Festival. The Cultural Centre is situated in a stunning Georgian townhouse, offering visitors historical and biographical information about James Joyce and his influence in literature; it hosts walking tours, exhibitions, workshops and lectures for visitors with a casual interest and Joycean experts alike. The Bloomsday Festival is produced and programmed by the the James Joyce Centre, and the Centre also aims to promote all community celebrations of Bloomsday in Dublin.

Role: festival producer, event curator, digital designer, creative consultant

The Master Musicians of Joujouka

Digital media production and management for The Master Musicians of Joujouka, a group of traditional musicians from the Rif mountains in Morocco. This enigmatic group were a major influence on the Beat Generation, and have opened the main stage at Glastonbury. In their home village, they host what has been described by Rolling Stone Magazine as “the oldest and most exclusive dance party in the world.”

Role: assistant producer, digital media consultant


A collaborative space dedicated to the creative up-cycling of vintage fashion items. With a focus on the value of time, the project highlighted durability, sustainability and ethics in the fashion sector.

Role: brand development, design

The New Theatre

Series of collaborations with theatre companies Virgin Eclectic and Pygmankenstein, producing innovative theatre productions alongside writer Lauren-Shannon Jones and director Nora Kelly Lester.

Role: digital media manager, design consultant, production assistant

Pink Milk is a dystopian surrealist love story which takes a critical look at issues of loneliness and privacy in a digitally saturated world. The play combines dystopian sci-fi, Greek mythology, and theatrical realism to tell a love story that exists online, in real life, and in the mind. A woman living alone on the top floor of a tower block dreams of a dystopian city. A man stays up every night playing games about gods with strangers. Both are drawn to one another by the black-hole pull of each other’s isolation.

Design and media production for Pink Milk, a piece of dystopian theatre written by Lauren-Shannon Jones.

Olympia tells the story of of Nathaniel, a neurotic but brilliant medical student, who falls madly in love with the strange daughter of his anatomy professor. Professor Coppola’s obsession with matching him with her daughter reveals itself to be something much, much darker; and Nathaniel’s pragmatic fiancee Clara and his hedonistic roommate Lothaire become his only hope to survive.


Curation, development and production of a publication and event series with a focus on poetry, hip-hop and storytelling. LOQ functioned as a publishing platform for contemporary marginalised voices and featured over a hundred performers.

Role: curator, production manager

Exchange Dublin

A volunteer-based arts centre that brings communities together and promotes social well-being by providing a safe place where people of all ages and backgrounds can join hands and participate in arts and culture.

Role: board member, facilitator, keyholder